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Types of Watches

Manual vs. Automatic vs Quartz Watches


These watches are also known as wind-up watches. They do not run on batteries Manuals are to be wound until they stop. The mainspring will not let you wind anymore. At that point, they will run from 24 to 36 hours and will need to be wound again. They need to be fixed if they are running too fast, slow, or not at all on a full wind.

Common Questions or Complaints

My watch will not wind.

It is overwound or the setting is rusty and needs to be serviced.

It needs a battery.

Yes, we get people who insist that this is the problem. Again, the watch needs to be wound or fixed.

I wound it but it only lasted 6 (or so) hours.

This becomes common when the dexterity required to wind the watch is lacking or when the crown is worn and you cannot get a good grip on it. If it becomes too difficult to wind a watch, we encourage a quartz conversion. Otherwise, something is blocking the winding and needs servicing.


Automatic watches wind based on the movement of the wrist. If an automatic watch sits in a drawer for several days, it will stop. If the wearer is limited in movement, the odds of the watch getting the motion needed to wind it are low. These watches can also be wound using the crown. They will wind indefinitely but the watch will still move this way. The second hand always has a continuous sweeping motion in automatic watches.

Common Questions and Complaints

The mainspring must be broken because it just keeps winding.

Automatic watches wind forever. This is what they are supposed to do.

Since this watch is automatic, shouldn't it just keep time indefinitely?

Automatics cannot just sit in a drawer and keep time. They must have some movement to keep them wound and running.


These watches run using a battery. The second hand moves one second at a time. They rarely move in a sweeping motion like the automatics. When the battery runs low, the watch will run slow, stutter, or completely stop. It is not uncommon for the battery to still be good and the problem to be with the watch. If the watch is still running but not keeping time, the problem is within the mechanics of the watch. If the watch has completely stopped, the problem may be the coil or the circuit and, thus, more costly.

Common Questions and Complaints

My second hand is going back and forth.

The watch is trying to move but something is blocking it. Sometimes, a new battery will do the trick. Otherwise, it needs servicing.

It won't run even with a new battery.

In this case, the problem is either mechanical or electrical. This would require professional service.

Be sure to check the troubleshooting page first.

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