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Troubleshooting Common Problems

If the watch has stopped:

  • Check to make sure that the stem is pushed in
  • Make certain that all of the dial markers are on (they may be blocking the hands from moving)
  • See if a piece of the crystal did not break off causing the hands to catch or the hands may be catching on the crystal itself
  • Check to ensure that all of the hands are on tight (they will flop around if they are loose)
  • It may be the battery or rusty
  • Occasionally, an electronic part goes bad and needs replacing

If the watch is a manual wind or automatic and slowing down:

  • The watch may not be given sufficient winding
  • The watch may need cleaning

If the watch is quartz and slowing down:

  • Check the same as if the watch had stopped (listed above)
  • It may be the battery
  • The watch may need cleaning

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